SMA Sunny Tripower STP6.0-3AV-40

1842  TVA inclus

SMA Sunny Tripower STP6.0-3AV-40

1842  TVA inclus

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SMA Sunny Tripower STP6.0-3AV-40 PV inverter for three-phase grid feed-in, Pac,r/Sac,max: 6.0 kW/6.0 kVA, transformerless,
with reactive power supply, integrated WLAN and Speedwire/Webconnect
communication interface based on Ethernet, incl. SMA Modbus and SunSpec protocol,
integrated webserver, RS 485 and TS4 communication connection, SMA Smart
Connected service package, multi-string function, DC SUNCLIX terminal, incl. a DC
disconnector, documentation available in all European languages.

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Operating Manual

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Informații suplimentare

Greutate17 kg
Dimensiuni435 × 470 × 176 mm
Puterea maxima a panourilor

9000 Wp

Puterea invertorului

Intre 7.1 si 10 kW


98.2% / 97.6%

Curent maxim AC

12 A

Grad IP


Tensiunea nominala AC

260 V to 800 V

Curentul maxim pe canale

3 x 9.1 A

Tensiunea MPPT

180 V to 280 V

Topologie / Racire

Transformerless Convection

Nr. canale MPPT


Interfata de comunicare

WLAN Ethernet RS485

Protocol de comunicare

Modbus (SMA Sunspec) Webconnect SMA Data TS4-R